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Killylea Primary School, Co. Armagh

Problem solving on the hop!

13th Mar 2019

Today during play pupils had made a long snake. Mrs L was impressed with the simple technology used - joining straws with matchsticks.

Children were talking about the length of the snake and Mrs L asked how long it was compared to the children. After some discussion a group of children lined up along the snake. They weren't convinced and then one pupil suggested that they lie down along the snake - 5 children long.

Mrs L then asked how many teachers long would the snake be? They answered 3 and knew that teachers "were bigger". Mrs L asked them to prove it but they could only use her.  After some more to-ing and fro-ing they asked Mrs L to lie down beside the snake and therein lay the problem... how to measure the whole snake with only one teacher. It was a while before a P2 pupil came and put her hand above Mrs L's head and then suggested that she move up beyond her hand. There was great excitement as the other children realised that this was the solution! So...the snake measured 3 1/2 teachers!