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Killylea Primary School, Co. Armagh

Bee Active Planting

22nd Feb 2018

As part of our Eco-schools work we are learning about Biodiversity and its importance.  Biodiversity is all about the variety of animal and plant life in an area.  Over the year we are aiming to improve the biodiversity in and around our school.  In late autumn the children from P5/6/7 got their 'wellies' and warm coats on and planted lots of crocus bulbs at the front of the school.  This will help provide food for bees in early spring when there is not much else to feed on. Bees are on the decline and we are playing our part in helping to maintain and increase their numbers.  Later on in the year we plan to do some further planting for butterflies and bees - wild flowers, Lavender, Honeysuckle and Buddleia are on the list.  Why don't you make your garden better for bees and butterflies as well?